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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

And so it begins

I didn't have a very good year this year for cycling, I started training for Ride London 100 Oct 2012 it was about that time, I registered for the ballot in Feb 2013 I got my letter saying I didn't get a place, therefore id wasted six months. I was gutted and basically didn't ride much at all in 2013 (far to busy feeling sorry for my self).
I did however go to London for the weekend and watched everything, I admit I did feel sorry for my self again when the riders (that would have been me) were sprinting for the finish line with all the shouting, cow bells and clapping from all the supporters, all the riders however tired, all found a new strength and crossed the line with the biggest smiles.
So as soon as the registration opened for 2014 I was on line a 6am registering again, I just want to go down the Mall towards Buckingham Palace with fly's on my teeth from cycling with the biggest smile on my face. This year however I have a back up if I don't get a place in 2014 i'll continue training and do the Coast 2 Coast West to East so I wont feel sorry for my self I'll have a second goal.
So what have I got to do well Ill be using the following Web sites to get me there. MyFitnessPal, TrainerRoad, GarminConnect and later on when the times right TheSufferfest.
I currently weigh 164lb i need to weigh 140 - 147 to give me a better weight for cycling. so I need to lose between 17-24lb 17lb being the minimum.
My cycling power is measured in watts and converted to my Functional Threshold Power (FTP) at the moment its awful 122 coupled with my current weight my power to weight ratio is 1.64 FTP/kg I have to improve big time so my training need to start cycling and strength training.
Watch this Blog to see hoe I go about it first day tomorrow.